Thursday, September 9, 2004

Tangled Skeins

Isn't that a lovely sight? It is just one corner full of goodies in the Tangled Skeins, on Portland Street in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. There will be more photos posted in the next few days, as time permits.

Psstt, if any of you have a few hours you don't need, send them my way, o.k.? Thanks! Posted by Hello


  1. Hi....Noticed the pic of your shop.I would love to be sitting in that chair right now!;-)
    Can you give me the address and hours of operation of your shop? I live close by and would love to come see you and it when I am off work.

  2. Hi Theresa, the shop is called Tangled Skeins and it is at 158A Portland Street in Dartmouth, just up the hill from the Alderney Gate ferry terminal. I am not affiliated with the shop in anyway, other than being a very satisfied customer.