Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quilt Swaps update

Hi everyone,

Yes, I have been terribly delinquent. Please accept my apologies. September and October were a time of upheaval and great new beginnings in my organization. All is settled for now. Onward ....

So, as for the swaps I'm in, here is an update:

1. DQS7. I received a fabulous little quilt from Isabel in Portugal. It is very striking and hangs on my studio wall. My little quilt gave us quite a scare by going missing for 3 weeks. I was beginning to make a replacement but then received word that Shabby Ducklings had finally arrived in California. The recipient and her toddler like it, which makes me very happy.

Isn't this lovely? Made with Amy Butler prints. I love the contrast. Isabel's blog post is not in English, but I think I figured out that she said she used a Flying Geese pattern because the quilt was being sent to Canada. Cute, eh? Thank you Isabel!

These little ducklings gave us quite a scare by taking their sweet time to fly south to California.

2. Summertime Swap. My BrightSummer quilt arrived overseas and has been acknowledged by email. The quilt that has been sent to me has gone missing. I think I'm bad luck :(

3. Friendship Bag swap. My bag and goodies have been received by Luv2Quilt2. She blogged about it here. I am so glad she liked her parcel! I have no idea what is happening with any parcel coming to me.

4. Stitchers Angel swap. I have received an awesome parcel from Nina in Norway. The stitchery is so beautiful I need to wait for a sunny day to get photos that will do it justice. Check back in a few days for photos. Thank you Nina in Norway!

5. August Swap Til You Drop. Again I was paired with someone in Norway, this time Mari. She sent this lovely folk art piece that is hanging over my computer desk. I love it! Mari has received my appliqued tree house.

Isn't this so cute? I just love the little touches, like the antenna on the roof. Thanks Mari!

6. Teeny Tiny Mini Swap.

This is only 6 inches square! I hand quilted using hand dyed thread and added a glittery yarn border just for fun. This went to Sandy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her quilt is making the long journey to me now. I really enjoyed this swap.

7. Advent Swap. I have been busy shopping and scheming for this one. It is so much fun to gather 24 little gifts! I'm still working on the big hand made gift for the finale.

8. Inchie Swap. Haven't even started this one yet.

9. Bee blocks. I am in 4 virtual Bees (gulp). Meeting those deadlines has me stressed right now. That is all I'm going to say about that.

There is more, but I'm tired just thinking about it. That's all for now.