Monday, September 27, 2004

Did you say Advent Calendar? As in Christmas?

Good Day folks. We are coming to you live from Mrs R.'s quilt studio (oh alright, "quilt studio" may be overstating it. More like her spare bedroom that's being used for quilting and other stuff).

Q. Mrs R, Mrs R, rumour has it that you're working on a small quilt for the local Christmas fundraiser for the IWK Grace Children's Hospital. What can you tell us about this?

A. Ahem, is this my best side (turns head left) or is this (turns head right). Which is better?

Q. Mrs R., this is radio, not T.V.

A. Right, yes, well, ahem.

Q. The quilt, Mrs R.?

A. (Drawing herself up proudly) Yes, I worked on that project this weekend at a Bee meeting. Look at the photo, I have many more finished squares now than the last time we talked.

Q. Um, is that it? Is that all you've done in the last, oh I don't know, call it three weeks. Is that it?

A. (Bristling slightly) Yes, it is HAND PIECED. (so there, muttered under breath). Must not rush a true artiste. I am making progress ...

Q. Well, I suppose. Progress at the speed of chilled molasses, that is.

A. Your point?

Q. Christmas is LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AWAY! By the way, when is this quilt due?

A. Why, is it pregnant? (ha, ha, ha, ha!.. ha, ha....)

Q. (muttering quietly... wait till I get my hands on that assignment editor ... sending me out to this idiot ... oy) Mrs R., what is the deadline for submission?

A. Oh, well, November 15, of course..... Oh dear. I get your point. Must get back to work, thank you so much for coming, good bye now!

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  1. wow, hand stitched? Maybe that's why my quilt is so stalled. (never mind the fact that I'm not hand stitching it...) Looks good though, and I can't wait to see more of it's progress.
    Speaking of the knitting gods, I've apparently angered them too. I've had to rip back half of a project and then then completely frog another one. Twice. Yeah.
    so instead of working on them last night, I started something....secret.

    Bye! Your secret pal