Saturday, September 11, 2004

Booga, Loretta, and Mickey

Well, well, well. Say, Mrs. R., isn't this the booga bag you had so much trouble with? Why yes, I believe it is. Look who's laughing now! Booga is quietly blocking, waiting for her I-cord handles to be added so she can have her first outing. Posted by Hello

Here is Loretta at about 3/4 finished. It is hard to tell the shape because the stitches are crowded onto 29 inch needles. Posted by Hello

Mickey had to inspect Loretta for himself. He is a shy cat, so getting a photo is a rare event. Posted by Hello


  1. The poncho is looking great! I love love love the colors!!


  2. I have to agree, the poncho and the bag both look great.
    Your cat looks cute too, in this rare photo opportunity!

    Hope your weekend was good,
    Your Secret Pal.