Thursday, September 2, 2004

Booga Bag Redemption

Hmm, well that looks better! With the help of two lovely knitters (thanks Susan! thanks Lucy!) I picked up around the rectangle again and happily knit ever after. Turns out that tangled mess was just the way it looks until about three inches of bag body are knitted. So I was on the right track after all, just not smart enough to realize it :)

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  1. It looks nice...I like the purple color you're using. Is there a set pattern, or is it your own creation? And who's the Advent Calendar for?

    Secret Pal

  2. Hey Secret Pal! How ya doin'?
    The Booga Bag is a pattern found online here:
    I'm making progress quite quickly. It should be ready for felting next week.
    You asked about the Advent calendar. It is a donation for an annual fundraiser by a local children's hospital. Each year my quilt guild contributes items for sale to the "Comfort and Joy" show. If the Advent calendar turns out, I will contribute it.
    Did you see the SP3 questions from Kae? I am pondering answers and will post here sometime this weekend.

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the link; I'll have to check it out later today.

    That's a really nice thing that your group does.
    And I did see the SP3 questions from Kae...I answered and posted mine. Actually, I've been checking your blog and my email, oh, every 10 minutes or to see if you've posted them. (no pressure) I just can't wait to know! :)

    Have a great weekend,
    Your Secret Pal.