Monday, September 20, 2004

Grocery Stores can be dangerous

So there I was, running through the grocery store on a quick errand when I spotted the magazine rack. Veered off to take a look at knitting and quilting mags. Picked this up. Leafed through it ... heart started pounding ... gasps of delight ... there are four, count 'em, four patterns I absolutely must make someday. Plus, two of those Nordic, multi coloured insanely intricate sweaters that only the most accomplished of knitting goddessess (like Yarn Harlot) could even hope to make. Had to buy the magazine. Of course I did. Add grocery store to the list of places to feed my knitting obsession. Dangerous on the wallet though. Posted by Hello


  1. Gods, I hope my grocery store doesn't start carrying knitting mags... otherwise I'm in deep, deep trouble. Like, over my head and drowning... -- Kae

  2. I got my copy in the mail the other day. I really like the Waverly Cardigan and the baby afghan knit in Lorna's Laces. I have a friend that's pregnant who I think I'll probably knit the blanket for...


  3. I'm not a knitting goddess. I'm just willing to screw something up seventeen times. You should try a hard one. I'll be here for you.

    (Yarn Harlot)