Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nothing Important to Say Here

Really, I have nothing but trivia.
It has been too darn hot here to sew, since the weekend. The heat wave finally broke today, for which I am very grateful.

I mailed out my packets for the Quilting Sisters Bee. The story of my Excellent Adventure at the Post Office can be found here.

My cat, Lulu, fell off the balcony (4 floors) and disappeared for a night. Early the next morning I had to get to a meeting so my neighbours had a search and rescue mission. They were successful. Lulu is now safe and sound at home, not injured at all. She is no longer allowed on the balcony.

My admin assistant has been on vacation for a week. This makes me cranky.

The gratuitous photo above is a block of applique. I'm not sure I like the stark contrast between brights and white and the raw edge applique with the fancy, frilly design. It has been sitting in a drawer for months.

The block is from Aie Rossmann's Affairs of the Heart book.
What do you think? Should I carry on with it?

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  1. Yes Sharon I like it keep going unless you really dont like it I like the contrast