Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Cheater Post

Hi everyone,

I belong to a virtual quilting bee. (Actually I belong to several, but today the focus is on just one of them).

The Bee is called the Quilting Sisters. Our blog is here.

The idea is that each quilter chooses a month in which she will send fabric and directions for a block to the other Bee members. We all make that block for her and mail it back. By the end of a year we will have collectively pieced 12 quilts of awesome variety. Cool, eh!

For the the Quilting Sisters, I chose the month of September. When I asked my fellow Bee members if they wanted to see my choices on the blog or be surprised by what arrives in the mail, they opted for instant gratification. So, with chants of "Show! Show! Show!" ringing in my head I have photographed my fabric choices and prepared a blog post.

Note: What follows is an extract from my Quilting Sisters post, so I consider this a cheater post.

But first, a little bit of the story behind choosing this fabric. It went something like this.

1. Determine pattern, namely Amy Butler's Nigella Quilt, named after her fabric design.

2. Look at said fabric online, decide the time required to ship it to Canada so it can be cut up into pieces and shipped to 11 other places is too extensive and silly.

3. Use this as excuse to go fabric shopping locally.

4. Visit fabric shop closest to office. Find nothing suitable. Pout.

5. Visit fabric shop close to home. Find nothing. Pout even more.

6. Having exhausted the only two options for shopping locally, sigh heavily and go stash diving.

7. Spend a couple of hours flinging fabric around and shooing away dogs and cat.

8. Realize none of the groupings really work.

8. Drink wine.

9. Consult a battered, dog eared copy of de Bono's "Lateral Thinking" book.

10. Switch from a light background with dark applique as depicted in the pattern to the reverse.

11. Grab fabrics, arrange in group, stand back, look at group with squint, cheer. Success!

May I present, my September fabrics.

Some of this fabric is from the Opulence line by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex.

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