Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bill is coming to town

Hi everyone,
So, an unwanted visitor is going to be tearing up our city tomorrow. I was here when Hurricane Juan touched down on the mainland and took out the backbone of the entire power grid. It took days for power to come back on. One person died in that storm (an ambulance attendant working to help people died after a tree fell on him).

We had a house with a pool then, nestled in a lovely forest. Several 40 foot high trees were blown down, but luckily they fell away from the pool and house. The local yacht clubs were disaster areas, with broken boats flung about like toys. Both of our beautiful city parks were extremely damaged.

Juan was a Category 2. Bill is predicted to be a Category 2. Juan hit us at high tide. Bill is predicted to hit us at high tide. So you can understand that Nova Scotians are scrambling to prepare

My storm prep consists of spending today sewing like mad to catch up on my swaps in case the power goes out.

(Yes, Mom, if you are reading this, I have enough food/water/flashlights/batteries/candles/meds/cash.)

See you all on the flip side.


  1. Take care, will say a prayer for you!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Thanks! Our weather office keeps adding wind and rain warnings to the website. I think it is going to be a wild ride. Especially b/c Kobie (the little black dog) is terrified of loud wind and rain. I fell really bad for her.

  3. Oh Gosh Sharon I hope you and yours are all OK.