Sunday, August 9, 2009

A City made of fabric

Hi everyone,
By virtue of lovely serendipity I recently discovered the amazing work of an author named Catherynne Valente. From what I can discover of her background she has a solid intellectual grasp of folklore, fairy tales and mythology which she uses to inform her marvelous fantasy tales.

Cat is currently writing a story and releasing it in weekly episodes on her website, to be enjoyed for free or a donation, whichever the reader prefers.
In Chapter 8 of the Fairyland story, the little girl named September and her escort, a friendly dragon, enter the city of her destination, Pandemonium. September sees:

Pandemonium spread out around her, a city of cloth. Bright storefronts ran ahead of them, built with violet crinoline and crimson organdy. Towers wound up in wobbly twists of stiff, shining brocade. Memorial statues wore felt helmets over bombazine faces. High, thin, fuzzy houses puffed out angora doors; fancy taffeta offices glimmered under the gaze of black lace gargoyles. Even the broad avenue they stood on was a mass of ropy, pumpkin-colored grosgrain. And there! That crooked, creased, ancient leather obelisk must be Groangyre Tower! The warm wind filled a coppery satin balloon at the tip-top of the tower and blew it up into a fine cupola.

Sigh. Can't you just picture that scene on this sunny Sunday morning? I can.

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making begins with Chapter One here.

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