Monday, August 10, 2009

A day with coloured pencils ...

... is a fun day.

Hi everyone,
I know it is only August so Santa's elves are still on seasonal layoff, but I'm hard at work making scrappy Christmas blocks for a swap. I like the scrappy look which often also means random fabric choices, but I'm not so good with random. In fact I'm downright allergic to random. So, I got out my quilt design book and coloured pencils to, er, plan my random. Or something like that.

I'm having fun and that's all that matters! Right?

How many of you plan your scrappy projects? Come on, 'fess up!


  1. :)....I'm with you! I am kind of scared of random scrappy quilts! Plus the fact that these blocks are going to OTHER people! Therefore, I have cut at least 16 differenct kinds of Christmassy fabric and am ready to tackle the scrappy look! Wish me luck! I didn't go so far as colouring the blocks but I have already taken into consideration colour combinations! :)....Go for it!

  2. Me to I"m scared stiff of doing something with sticking to the pattern, having just said that I'm doing a drunkerds path with all scraps.

  3. Hey there Dorey, I just noticed that you are a Canadian too! Where are you located? I'm in Northern Quebec. Thanks for visiting my Christmassy blocks are underway and since I am hitting the road for the big city tomorrow (Montreal), I am going to look for some Whitish Christmas fabric for my "unplanned scrappy" look ;)....

  4. Hi Pegsplace, I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    Have fun on your Montreal trip. Montreal is one of my favourite cities.
    I have a trip to Toronto planned in late November to attend conferences. You just know I'm going to do some serious fabric shopping while I'm there!