Sunday, October 17, 2004

Tea at the Frog Pond

My first attempt at knitting socks is turning out to be - shall we say - interesting. Frustrating. Challenging. Fun, even. Sadly, that teeny cuff you see on the left side of the photo must be frogged. Some holes appeared in the rib (no, it isn't meant to be lace!). However, I have mastered the use of 5 needles and can rotate the stitches around at whim, to prevent laddering on the "corners" . So, all in all, a good learning experience. While visiting the frog pond I intend to sip tea from my stash of samples, courtesy of Adagio teas and Lisa Y. (Thanks again Lisa!) So far my favourite is Ceylon Waltz. That pumpkin-hugging puppy is on my calendar for the month of October. Remind you of anyone? No, my Dorey is not the cover girl. (By the way, is it my poor eyesight, or is this photo really blurry? Anyone?) Posted by Hello


  1. HI there,
    I like the yarn you are using for your socks. Be tough, and keep at it. They do become addictive :)

    As for a fuzzy picture, I wouldn't know. My computer screen is fuzzy! Something to do with the way some wires are run, we think. It's like everything has a shawdow.

  2. I can't seem to master the five needle thing. Took a course in using two circular needles instead - what a nifty trick.

  3. too bad about your sock! i need to learn how to make a pair, but to be honest, dpn kind of terrify me.
    but on a better note, i received my halloween tea from Adagio on Friday; thanks again for sending me the certificate. I haven't tried them all yet, but the caramel apple one is VERY good!