Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Stitch Markers! Get yer stitch markers here!

Have you ever wandered through a dollar store ("Every thing for a Dollar or less") just wastin' time - and hit the jackpot? You know, like finding tea towels that match your kitchen colours exactly, or those plastic lids for opened soup cans ... stuff like that? [Yes, I'm easily amused. Wanna make somethin' of it? Huh? Huh?] ANYWAY, as I was sayin' I was wandering t'other day when the children's hair elastics display caught my eye. Now, normally this wouldn't even register with me, seeing as I have no children. But, the KnitList chatter that day had been all about stitch markers. A KnitLister had mentioned using hair elastics as markers. So, there I was, standing in front of a wall-o-hair-elastics, marvelling at the wealth of stitch markers. The blue binder in the photo is what I bought. It contained those bright cheerful hair elastics and it snaps closed into a neat little package to throw in your knitting basket. All for one dollar !!! (That's 80 cents for you Americans). I added some goodie elastics by hooking them over the binder rings (300 pieces for a dollar, various sizes) and I put my hand crafted beaded markers on the rings too. At the top of the binder you see a stitch holder. Some of the markers are in action, as you can see, on a Sophie bag for moi. I'm using the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool/mohair blend sent by my fabulous Secret Pal (hi SP! waves). This yarn is delicious - nice and soft to work with and knits up quickly. I bet its going to felt well too. Posted by Hello

A big spender, I am. So, I splurged for two more stitch marker binders at the dollar store and customized them by adding some lovely beaded stitch markers (purchased, not clumsily hand made by me). These are going out as RAOK's real soon now. Right after I read 130 blogs. See ya on the RAOK ring!


  1. ohhh, stitch markers. Hee, you're right, that was a VERY exciting blog entry! Actually, that's a really cool idea; where did you get the binders? I could do something like that for a friend of mine.
    And I'm glad the lamb's pride is knitting up so well. I can't wait to find a project for myself with that yarn!!

  2. Much bettern than the $6.95 (Cdn) Clover markers for 40! I had used elastics but at the time could only find black.