Monday, October 4, 2004

Beading Challenged

Having a bad day: car broke down, I mean really broke down. Have to buy a new one. Don't want to. Decided, on a whim, to make beaded stitch markers. Gathered tools:

1. needle nose pliers - check

2. plenty of pretty baubles - check

3. wire cutters - check

4. memory wire - check

5. hand/eye coordination - .... I said, hand/eye coordination ...???

Nope, not got that. After much swearing, flying beads and puppies cowering in a corner, I have this to show for my labours:

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I'm still grumpy.


  1. Those look nice!!
    I should make some for myself one of these days. Would beat using little pieces of yarn, right?? :)
    Sorry to hear about your car. Hope you find a new one soon!

  2. hey, that's really too bad about your car. i hope you were home/somewhere safe when it happened. good luck with the smarmy salesmen (and why do i think that's spelled wrong?), i hope you can find something you like.
    the stitch markers look nice too!!