Sunday, July 26, 2009

What happens in the sewing room stays in the sewing room

... unless I blog about it.

So, I'm working on the Little Bouquet Quilt Along. Cherri's instructions are wonderful, full of step-by-step text and pictures.

But, my type A self is having trouble wrapping my head around making wonky flowers. As you can see, on the left - my first attempt is pitiful. I could tell immediately it was WRONG so I tried again. The second attempt (on the right) is better, because I started using triangle scraps instead of strips. Now I have to keep practicing.

Note: Mr. Troll wanders into photos from time to time. He can usually be found in the presence of swear words.

I also spent some time this weekend working on my Doll Quilt Swap #7 design. It is just a small log cabin, nothing wonky or weird about it whatsoever. (4 inch finished, featuring Ducky and friends)

Do you think I could get this tiny little block right the first time? No. Let's just say I spent some quality time with my seam ripper. My excuse? I'm thinking too much about work. I am in the process of hiring a new employee so I have a lot to think about.

Yeah, that's it. Blame it on work. Heh.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Looks Good! And I like the saying "what happens in the sewing room stays in the sewing room!" :D
    The doll quilt looks adorable too! :)
    Have a good day!