Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Bouquet Quilt Along experiment

I am participating in the Little Bouquet Quilt Along. Much fun is being had.

One of the supply list items could not be found in my stash (ya, I was shocked too). I don't have any non-fusible interfacing. I do have fusible (miles of the stuff). So the designer suggested I try fusing two pieces together.

Another participant mentioned that she is using baby wipes, which reminded me that I have a stash of used dryer sheets (they work really well for applique). I decided to try both the dryer sheets and the fusible.

This pic shows the difference in weight and transparency between the two. The fusible is heavenly soft whereas the dryer sheet is rough.

This pic shows the finished blocks. There is no visible difference. The weight and stability are surprisingly different. I'm not sure how the dryer sheet version would hold up to machine quilting. However, since I prefer hand quilting, I can't see myself trying to get my needle through the thickness of the fusible block.

Conclusion : depending on your quilting method, either version of interfacing will do. Or, you could just go your LQS and buy some non-fusible. :)

I have two blocks of twelve done so far. But the sewing machine must be abandoned for the moment, because my two "kids" are demanding some attention. Kobie is telling me in no uncertain terms to turn off the sewing machine and pay attention to her or she will find something to amuse herself with. And I won't like it.

Duchess Dorey says "Mama, pay attention to meeeee. Me! Me! Me!"

The cat is very quiet though. Hmmm, better go see what she is up to. Excuse me....

"Lulu? Where are you? Lulu?"

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