Sunday, November 7, 2004

We have a winner!

April guessed correctly in the comments ... I am a reverse bloom washcloth. Pattern from Weekend Knitting.

What I like about this project:

  • the construction is easy even for a beginner like me,
  • the cloth is a generous size and just the right combination of soft and firm texture.

What I don't like about this project:

  • the 100% cotton was very hard on the joints so knitting could only be done in short spurts,
  • the washcloth stretches when wet, and
  • it takes FOREVER to dry. As in at least 24 hours to air dry.

Would I make another one? Yes, but in a different yarn. I just haven't found the right yarn yet. Any suggestions? Posted by Hello


  1. Ditto your feelings about regular dishcloth cottons. Here are my favorite yarns - #1 "Cotton Terry" by Canon. I'm not sure that if Canon still makes it but I've found mine in thrift shops etc. You might look on eBay. I did find a dozen or so at a yarn shop recently for 50 cents a skein...lucky me! It really is perfect and dries quickly. My other choice, especially for the shower, is to find a nice slighty scratchy linen or rayon in a DK weight or lighter.

  2. you could always do a test-run with some superwash wool, too.

  3. Its cotton. Its a facecloth. I put them in the dryer, at least until MOSTLY dry, if not until scorching dry.