Saturday, November 13, 2004

Top Ten Signs

Here are the top ten signs that my Secret Pal is a totally cool, sweet, caring, generous knitter:

10. She vacations in Prague.

9. She prepares and sends a package to me in the midst of packing for said vacation in Prague, when there is too little time and too much to do.

8. Email greetings are sent to me from internet cafes in Prague.

7. She includes treats for my puppies in the package (Kobie and Dorey say thank you SP).

6. My cats also receive treats in the package, in the form of catnip toys knit by my SP3. She knit for my cats! The dim sum from Knitty How cool is that? (Mickey and Ellie would say thanks too, if they weren't stoned on cat nip).

5. She sends me brain food in the form of a box of Mensa riddles and puzzles. I am slowly working my way through the box. Yes, I have gotten lots and lots right. Honest, I have. O.K., maybe not lots and lots. Maybe just some right so far. But I haven't gone through the whole box yet.

4. Chocolate is a necessity to me. She understands this, and includes chocolate in each package.

3. I am a Harry Potter fan. There are Harry Potter candies in the package.

2. She sends silk yarn. SILK!!! Yummy purple, soft, brushed Tussah silk. Obtained while she was on a trip to San Francisco. You can find it at the Art Fibers store. I love it, just love it.

1. I collect eggs. She makes me a candle in the shape of an egg, in my favourite colours. Hand crafted candle, folks. She rocks!

Here are the goodies.

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Silk yarn! Handcrafted candle!

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Mickey hugs his toy.

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Ellie abandons dignity in favour of getting stoned, er, I mean, playing with catnip toy.

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Dorey watches the cats. No photos of puppies enjoying their treats are available because, well, I forgot to take such photos. Erp.

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  1. What a nice secret pal you have!
    I like the candle she sent you. Is it scented?
    Are you getting lots of snow still? It's rain here now.
    Have a super evening!

  2. lovely secret pal goodies! lucky you and a cute pooch to boot!

  3. wow, you do have a great secret pal...

    hee! i'm so glad you liked everything, and that the cat toys were a hit. i had this image of them sniffing the toys, then walking away. or, of them playing with the toys and my stitches coming out, making a mess EVERYWHERE! but, i'm paranoid like that.

    last package is being prepared as we, type. so sad, it's ending. sniff.

    how goes your knitting/quilting/work/gardening?


  4. Happy birthday, birthday buddy! We have the same birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with fun and relaxation and lots of love.

    I'll be sure to do the same! :)

    Hugs, Cate

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope it's fun and wonderful!

  6. Happy birthday! Have a super day and celebrate big time!


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