Sunday, March 26, 2006

How I ran away to join the Cirque du Socks ...

So there I was, knitting socks like a maniac, surfing blogland for sock ideas and reaching out to fellow sock maniacs when I stumbled across a Knit Along starting on the first day of spring and ending on the last day of April. There is only one rule,(which isn't really a rule; more like a suggestion; or gentle guidance...) anyway, the idea is to try a technique you haven't tried before. Well, I could get with that really easy, since I've only been knitting socks for a short time. I decided to try the toe-up method and toddled over to sign up. You can still sign up too: Go here for the fun
Oh, did I mention there are prizes? Yep, and I donated one ... a copy of Lucy Neatby's sock book called "Cool Socks Warm Feet".
What? You want photo proof of my progress? Well, sure, here ya go. As you can see, I knit socks on two circular needles. I learned the toe up cast on from Cat Bordhi's book pictured here; 'cept I cheated a bit. I just used her Moebius cast on but with the second sock needle as the cable to cast on to, rather than one really long needle. (If you've ever done a Moebius cast on the preceding sentence will make sense to you; otherwise, please just shake your head and carry on).

Things progressed rather nicely on this sock. I used OPAL cotton yarn and US size 0 needles. The pattern is a lacy mock cable and is incredibly easy to memorize. I first found the pattern here, and a second version, called Fruit Loops was found here. I've decided to call mine Lifesavers, cuz thats what it reminds me of - those clear lifesavers we used to eat as kids.

I knit and I knit and I knit until suddenly I was finished with the first sock - and it fits beautifully!

And now I have some gratuitous cuteness for you - a photo of Dorey's daughter having a wee nap. She has not yet been named.


  1. I love the Lifesaver socks. I may have to add them to my "to be knit" list - I'm in a very cable-ly mood. The pup is too cute for words!

  2. Welcome back! What an adorable face that pupcake has.