Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Flared Smoke Ring

Hi everyone, I'm back briefly. The surgery went well and I'm recovered, although all my sight hasn't come back yet. My surgeon tells me I must have patience, that it takes time to heal. I asked him to write me a prescription for patience. He did't find that amusing ...

Thanks to everyone who sent cards and emails of encouragement. I appreciated them muchly!

More regular posting will resume sometime during the long weekend. In the meantime, someone asked me to post a photo of the Flared Smoke Ring, so here it is.
I will dig up the link to the pattern, and also photograph the one I made, and post both here on the weekend. I made one in turquoise Silky Wool, but half the width. I just love it.


  1. Welcome back. Patience...yeah. Not an easy thing to come by after such an ordeal, I'm sure!

  2. Don't ya love docs with no hummor. Come on...geez.
    The Flared Smoke Ring is very pretty I like, I like, how much yarn did it take? I've got 380 yds of lace 100% cashmere that if enough just may become the FSR.