Saturday, August 28, 2004

Flower Basket Shawl Condundrum

As promised to myself, I cast on the Flower Basket Shawl after chores were done. Wimped out and used the 7 stitch cast on, then ran into a conundrum. When I follow the chart for this pattern, should I read every row in the same direction, or should I read the chart back and forth? And do I start reading in the bottom right corner or the bottom left corner of the chart? Does it even matter? Since every second row is just purled, I suspect it does not matter, but it can't hurt to make sure! Now do you see why I used the easy cast on? I am easily confused!

I left a comment asking this question (the chart one, not the rhetorical one) at the knit along. I'll lurk in the comments over there for a while in case I get a response.

By the way, I've made it to row 6 and had to frog twice. Perserverance is going to be an absolute necessity for this project!


P.S. Someone has finished this already! Go here to view. It is really, really lovely. Congrats!


  1. You start in the bottom, right hand corner and read the chart back and forth. As you said, it doesn't matter with this particular chart since you have a mostly purl row. It's good to get in the habit of reading the charts this way because you'll be used to it when you encounter a more complicated chart some day! :)

    I had to rip and redo my first section at least half a dozen times before I "got it". Now I feel like I'm zooming right along! Hang in there, it does get easier!


  2. Ditto everything Christine has to say....but I think I have her beat on the number of times I had to frog before it got easier. I strongly suggest running a "lifeline" through the purl row stitches every few rows. Also I'd recommend working a couple more repeats of the main chart (9 instead of 7). Mine turned out a little skimpy. Good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing your is worthwhile...honestly :)